Ambrotras Service & Consulting was born from the thirty-years experience of its members in the world of international shipping, national, logistics and all the segments that make up the world of transport services.
In modern life, everything becomes flat, everything is standardized, WE want to make the difference, the union of our companies, their dynamism, are the characteristics that generate power, efficiency and determination to achieve each goal; the professional skills of every person in our organization lead us to submit a comprehensive service throughout the Italian and foreign markets at top levels.
Over the years, we have selected the very best for our customers.
Today the best is made by partners aimed to offer us transport services with technologically advanced means: ships, trains, trucks and aircraft of the last generation, we are clear that the world must be preserved from pollution and then we embrace the logic of renewable energies, because we believe that systems can coexist by rapidly shifting to renewable energies.
Our branches and structures, shared with our partners, are modern and efficient, because we believe that only with that awareness you create professionalism and service.

The main sectors that we represent across the country:

  • Information Technology
  • Transport Medicines
  • Fashion – Logistic and Transport
  • Agribusiness Transport and logistics
  • Express Messaging
  • Archival and Digitization
  • Bricks Transport
  • Logistic Consulting
  • Software for logistics and transport

On the basis of our work experience, we are now able to offer technical advice for operational start-up of platforms of distribution and logistics throughout the national territory, providing highly professional and qualified administrative, warehouse; We provide ongoing assistance to the customer even after the start-up, supporting him in all his business processes.

Our organization has highly qualified partners in the world of international transport and we are able to offer:

  • Export / Import by sea (complete and groupage)
  • Export / Import by air
  • Export / Import by land (complete and groupage)
  • Completion of customs procedures
  • All Risks insurance coverage
  • Transport Cool Solutions (transport of perishable goods)
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International / National Shipping, Logistics, Archives Management.

Via Lucio Sestio Catilina,1
00071 Pomezia (RM)
P.IVA: 13513881006

Sales Office
Viale Europa, 55
00134 – EUR – Roma

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