Ambrotras is aimed at all those companies seeking a reliable partner able to offer flexible supply chain management to ensure the optimization of operating costs and capital employed.
The company provides a service management point-by-point of the entire transport chain, starting from design and consulting through the direct delivery and ending with the final recipient.
In all platforms, direct and indirect, of which 5 in Sicily, with a logistics area of over 15,000 square meters, Ambrotras allows the storage and subsequent movement of goods from various product categories in a way designed specifically for all stages of the shipping process.
The criteria for handling internal/external movements are standardized and exploits the coordination of specialized operators defined each one by specific role and function, organized in a way that ensure a firm presence in 24/7.
To guarantee the completeness of service and depth of distribution at national and international, Ambrotras has entered into long-term agreements with renowned logistics companies operating in a global network and well organized.

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